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...... at B&B Casa Alegria on the beautiful island Santiago

For those who want to get to know the real Cape Verde, a holiday in Santiago is very worthwhile. Gigantic mountains, with kilometers of hiking trails, beautiful valleys with fruit trees and sugar cane, idyllic authentic villages, beautiful beaches and the real Cape Verdean culture.

Santiago: an island for hiking, surfing, walking, off-roading, visiting colorful markets or just relaxing on the beach.

Santiago: the most diverse island in Cape Verde. And the base for this discovery tour starts at B&B Casa Alegria in Tarrafal!

When you think of Cape Verde you quickly think of sun, sea and beach. This is certainly one of the qualities that Santiago offers. But this largest Cape Verde island also has beautiful green valleys, a mountainous interior and vast fields of banana plantations. Santiago is an island with a huge offer for beach, culture, hiking and nature lovers. On this island you will still find the peace and conviviality of the local population. Fortunately, mass tourism has not yet discovered this Cape Verde island.

In the north of the island you will find the most beautiful beaches on the island, and... our Luxury B&B Casa Alegria and B&B Villa Alegria.Our starting point for pampering our guests is to mix quality and luxury with the "Africa" ​​feeling that you get on the island. After all, our guest deserves a "well-deserved" holiday, but does not have to compromise on luxury for an overnight stay.

B&B Casa Alegria is located in the Ponta d'Atum district. On a wide avenue in a district that is still under development, but the most quiet and spacious area of ​​the city, a 3-minute walk from the beautiful rocks overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, 5 minutes from the beaches of Tarrafal and 5 minutes from the center of Tarrafal, where the nice restaurants and shops are located. The atmosphere in the neighborhood reflects the typical Cape Verdean "go slow" attitude; so you get to know the culture, but still have the luxury of a well-deserved holiday feeling.

We hope that after reading, you have become enthusiastic about our B&B Casa Alegria, and we look forward to seeing you to ensure you experience an unforgettable holiday. Perhaps we will have the pleasure of meeting you and perhaps taking you to places with our "Santiago Excursion" that even the islanders have never been to.

Our strength:

Pamper our guests and introduce them to everything this beautiful island has to offer (hiking, biking, tranquility, nature, culture, sun, sea, beach, surfing, diving, boating, and so much more ....

Our strength:

free extended breakfastbuffet

Our strength:

hygene, clean & tidy

Our strength:

fully equipped

Our strength:

beautiful private bathrooms

Our strength:

beautiful decorated rooms

Our strength:

easy lounge roof terrace

Our strength:

respect for culture & nature

Our strength:

enjoy life...

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