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Rooms & Prices

When opening our B&B Casa Alegria, we based ourselves on a number of basic principles that are essential to us for ensuring a successful holiday for our guests:

- Hospitality, Service and friendliness.

- Beautiful, clean, luxurious rooms.

- A healthy and extensive breakfast buffet as a good start to the day.

At B&B Casa Alegria you can choose from 13 suites/rooms, each with its own qualities and level of luxury. For every "wallet" we offer the opportunity to enjoy a holiday at Casa Alegria. The rooms are modern and furnished according to European standards. This means good quality furniture and accessories. We have therefore consciously opted for more luxury and not for a Cape Verdean design of the rooms. After all, you will already come into contact with the beautiful culture of the Cape Verdeans on the island, but when you return home to B&B Casa Alegria, the holiday feeling of "space and luxury" should not be missed.


We also have several family suites. Children from 6 years old are welcome. Therefore, please state the age of your child(ren) when applying; the price is specified on our quotation we sent you.

Child rate (verified):

  • Children from 6 to 11 years: € 17.50 per night / no tourist tax
  • Children from 12 to 18 years: full price (tourist tax mandatory from 17 years)

Breakfast on the rooftop

Breakfast is served on the roof terrace. Also on the ground floor is the spacious dining room, where you can eat both indoors and outdoors on the front terrace.

A very extensive breakfast buffet is available every morning (included in the room price!), where you can also take a lunch (free) for a fun "walking or beach day".

Our breakfast buffet:

  • sandwiches/toast/crackers/
  • meats/cheese/egg dishes/sweet spreads/sausages/fish
  • coffee/tea/milk/fruit juices and fresh fruit smoothies
  • muesli/cruesli/yogurt
  • cake/cake/pastry
  • local dishes such as cachupa, banana pancakes
  • fruit (bananas/apples/oranges/mangoes, and seasonal fruits)

    Social aspects

    For breakfast we serve local products where possible. To achieve this, we involve local businesses, farmers and fishermen. A lot of home baking is also done (pies, cakes, native dishes such as cachupa). We involve craftsmen in our projects for adjustments and repairs, and the housekeeping is entirely run by local employees.

    We ensure fair salaries and offer them a helping (financial) hand with their personal growth and development and daily problems. We also support projects for underprivileged children through the income in our "honesty bar".

    Climate control

    In B&B Casa Alegria 11 rooms/suites have air conditioning. 

    Cape Verde has the most expensive electricity costs in the world and 75% of energy production consists of diesel (generators), which is very polluting. Normally air conditioning is only necessary from July to October. B&B Casa Alegria does not want to increase the prices of certain rooms throughout the year, just because guests use the air conditioning in the summer months. 

    B&B Casa Alegria is very concerned about unnecessary waste of energy, among other things; and we therefore ask our guests to turn off the air conditioning during the day (if not present). The air conditioning in your room is effective enough to ensure a cool room within minutes of your arrival.